IMG_5989Meet the Jordan Project

We are so glad you found us! Here at The Jordan Project we teach, cook and explore. We are based in Brooklyn but have a whole lot of westcoast heart having been born and bred on an island in western Canada.

The philosophy behind my educational pursuits are the same ideals I adopt in my kitchen. I strive to personalize my instructional design to meet the needs of my learners, just as I adapt my recipes to meet the dietary restrictions of my diners. I also believe in educating the whole child, just as I believe in eating whole foods. So whether you have a learning difference or are adhering to a strict Paleo diet we have something for you at The Jordan Project.

Here you will find a lot of homemade curricular designs for both school and home learning, as well as a sampling of my guest posts. Stored among the pages of this blog there is a wealth of paleo, vegan or vegetarian recipes all designed to fit into the life of a busy woman. We hope you love what you find and are always looking to connect with you!

IMG_5990Although I alone am the Learning Specialist, writer and chef behind The Jordan Project I don’t do all that I do in life alone. I have one really awesome sidekick. So I would like you to…

Meet the Jordans

310039_905505099586_2059479441_nWe met when I (Renée) was in grade two and he (Jameson) was in grade 4 in a high school gymnasium in our hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. Flash forward a handful of years to my first year of university and finally after many attempts on Jameson’s part we alas began dating. Two and a half short years later my heart was won and we were married.  Four years after that we packed up life in our quaint and picturesque island town and adventured to a much larger, less treed corner of the world, New York City.  This blog chronicles our adventures in Brooklyn, the (now former) grind of a Columbia University graduate student, the precious moments spent working in education and (most importantly) the culinary pursuits that colour our daily lives.


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