Home: Life in Morningside Heights


Many people have been asking to see our apartment in order to get a sense of the community we are putting our roots down in.  So alas here it is folks.  We live just off the Columbia campus in a great neighbourhood called Morningside Heights.  Everything is within an easy walk of our apartment and we are surrounded by great coffee shops (a must for the Jordan’s), restaurants and bookstores, and there is always an energetic buzz of college life filling the streets no matter what the hour.  We also have easy access to Central and Riverside parks for runs (another Jordan must have), and the church we have been attending is a block and a half up from us (and yet we still manage to be late).  As for our apartment, we are quickly learning that the housing market in Manhattan is as competitive as it is expensive.  So we are counting our lucky stars we got into a university owned building a block from where my classes are held. Our building is a 6 floor pre-war building, and our “penthouse” apartment itself is bathed in a swath of natural light and adorned with a panoply of heritage detail.  Also with the seemingly, soaring ceilings it makes the space feel rather large for being a mere 620 square feet.  So without further ado here are some (iPhone taken) shots of where Jay and I work, study, sleep and play.  If you want to see more you will have to come visit…

Our Street (Seminary Row… how perfect)


The facade of our building


The view across the street (and from our apartment)


Our front door

Our Apartment


View from the bedroom into the living room


Bedroom (obviously)


View from the bedroom into the kitchen


The bathroom complete with claw foot tub and ceramic tile

Our Neighbourhood


Columbia Campus


Our subway stop


The courtyard of the Teacher’s College building (complete with free breakfast!)


One of the many great eats in our area


Our Church


2 thoughts on “Home: Life in Morningside Heights

  1. awesome photos, love the claw foot tub, love the french doors, love the outside of your house, love the neighborhood, it is all just amazing, love the church!!!! It must be amazing to be in there. This is so very cool, thanks for sharing

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